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Charles Marshall Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
(919) 962-1219   Assistant: vacant

Sarah Schtakleff Ball Associate University Counsel
(919) 843-9316   Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Donna M. Blyskal University Procurement Counsel
(919) 962-0338   Assistant: Amy Singleton

Lee Bollinger Associate University Counsel
(919) 843-1637   Assistant: Amy Singleton

Tammy A. Bouchelle Associate University Counsel
(919) 843-8990   Assistant: Amy Singleton

Marla Spector Bowman Litigation Counsel
(919) 843-6546   Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Benjamin A. Davidson Director of Tax Policy and Analysis and Associate University Counsel; Adjunct Professor of Law
(919) 962-6365   Assistant: Nicole Long

Nichole R. Davis Assistant University Counsel
(919) 962-4349   Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Maggie Craven Gappens  Associate University Counsel
(919) 843-5329   Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Katherine Georger Chief Privacy Officer and Associate University Counsel
(919) 843-1829    Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Thomas Henry Associate University Counsel
(919) 962-6270    Assistant: Amy Singleton

Steve Keadey Associate Vice Chancellor and Senior University Counsel
(919) 843-3620   Assistant: vacant

Kristen Simonsen Lewis Assistant University Counsel
(919) 843-8742    Assistant: Amy Singleton

Martin Maloney Legal Specialist
(919) 843-2442   Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Carolyn Pratt Director of University Governance and Associate University Counsel
(919) 962-6976   Assistant: Amy Singleton

Kara E. Simmons Associate Vice Chancellor and Senior University Counsel
(919) 843-8361   Assistant: vacant

Kirsten Stevenson Senior University Counsel
(919) 643-1636   Assistant: Sonya Williams Harris

Laura H. Thornton Director of Legal Operations and Strategy
(919) 962-7247   Assistant: vacant

Sara Throckmorton Legal Specialist
(919) 843-5869  Assistant: Amy Singleton

Higher Education Law Fellows

Please visit the Higher Education Law Fellowship page for more information about the program.


Sarah Goldin IT Legal Project Manager
(919) 843-8979

Emily F. Hall Paralegal
(919) 843-1615

Sonya Williams Harris Executive Assistant
(919) 843-3264

Anne Privett Paralegal
(919) 962-7137

Amy Singleton Executive Assistant
(919) 843-1614